Neck Lift & Chin Augmentation in Seattle, WA

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fatty deposits under the chin, tightens skin around the neck, and improves skin tone in the lower face that can create jowls. Determining how your neck has aged will dictate which techniques will work best to correct either a double chin, turkey neck or sagging neck skin. The neck lift is a good alternative for someone who does not need or desire a full face lift procedure.

Less Intrusive Procedures

In younger patients, typically those under 40 with good skin tone, a liposuction technique can be used to remove the excess fat tissue that has migrated to just below the chin. Small incisions are used to remove the excess tissue. Another option is to receive Kybella injections, a non-surgical solution that melts a double chin. Following either procedure can be followed up with laser treatment to improve the appearance of the skin.

The Mature Face

With all the sagging that goes on in an aging face, the neck suddenly becomes the recipient of all that loose skin. As cheeks and jowls start to droop, so does the skin under your chin and around your neck. When you consider lifting your forehead, brow or cheeks, a natural final step would be to make sure that your neck matches the rest of the new, youthful you.

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Before – After

Different Neck Lift Procedures

For those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of your neck and elect to have a rhytidectomy, an incision is placed just underneath the chin where it is easily hidden and at the base of the neck to actually remove the excess skin. In some cases a feather, or thread, lift can be done to simply lift and suspend the sagging skin using barbed thread and permanent sutures. Dr. Schvidler will examine the quality of your muscles and your skin elasticity and determine which lift procedure is the best fit for you.


Most of these procedures are performed under IV sedation, but you should be ready to go home after 1 – 3 hours, or when the effects of the anesthesia have worn off. Before the surgery each patient is given detailed post-procedure instructions as well as appropriate pain medications or prescriptions. After the surgery your cheeks and neck will be sore and swollen but manageable with Tylenol or prescribed pain medications. A soft bandage will be wrapped around your chin and can be removed after one or two days. No cigarette smoking before your procedure or during the recovery period, it has an adverse affect on healing. With proper care and rest, most are able to return to work after 7-14 days, looking and feeling relaxed and with renewed confidence.