Dr.Shvidler Saved my Face

I had to have my entire bottom right nostril removed due to skin cancer via Moh’s (at a different clinic). This is terrifying, especially since I’m not even 40 yet. DR. SHVIDLER SAVED MY FACE! He knows what he’s doing, he answered all my questions, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I’m extremely thankful for the work he did, answering my zillions of questions, and clearly caring about how this impacts my life. Now-you wouldn’t know that a huge chunk of my nose was ever missing!

Suzanne at Healthgrades.com
– Reconstructive Surgery

Waaaayyy Better

Was a 2nd opinion. WAAAAYYY better. Nice office, nice Dr., pain free procedure, well explained, calmed all concerns. Seems very knowledgeable, kind, and listened. Wait time was a little long but totally worth it. Got me in right away after I called in. Explained my options, and respected my decision.

Anonymous at Healthgrades.com

SoPleased with the Results

Dr Shvidler did a great job, he told me what to expect as far as the recovery was concerned so there were no surprises. There was a lot of swelling and pain afterwards but I followed his instructions and also took the pain medication he prescribed and felt and looked much better after a week. I am so pleased with the results that I will probably do it again in about 6 months.

jenneane at realself.com
– CO2 Laser

Professionalism, Friendliness, Care & Concern

I find myself trusting Dr. Shvidler’s care, guidance and recommendation implicitly. It is a blessing to be treated with the utmost professionalism, friendliness, care and level of concern that Dr. Joseph Shvidler consistently shows. Dr. Shvidler is direct and honest. When discussing care options – he is willing to listen and to be forthright about the possible outcomes (good and bad) of the procedures and surgeries. This is both refreshing and necessary for me to understand the treatment plan and what this “healing journey” includes. He is a gifted surgeon and specialist!

Melissa T. at realself.com

I’ve Regained Youthfulness!!!

Pleasant and answered all questions. Very open to hearing my concerns. Excellent results with out any pain or bruising. I would and have recommended Dr. Joseph Shvidler to anyone that is interested in regaining their youthfulness.

findrebecca at realself.com
– Botox

I Have Lips!!

I have had lip injections in the past. Some good some horrid. I recently got my braces taken off and as nice as it was to have them off I was noticing my teeth looked like Mr. Ed! My nasal labial folds had gotten sunk in as well. It was time to fix it! Dr. Joe did an amazing job!! It is even and perfect. He really has the eye for this craft and listens to patients well. I am so happy!!

gogopink at realself.com
– Juvederm

DoAgain in a Heartbeat

Dr. Shvidler did an awesome job on me. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. He was very courteous and professional. I would recommend him to all my friends. Very skilled with his hands, extremely knowledgeable in his field. My experience was a very pleasant one that I will never forget. If you need a procedure done, you should check him out.

Frau A. at realself.com
– Facelift – 50th Anniversary Present

I Broke my Nose Skiing 25 years ago

I broke my nose skiing 25 years ago. I finally got tired of 2 sinus infections every year and did not sleep very well. I went to Dr. Shvidler because I was told he was the best. I’m happy I did. I had Septorhinoplasty, it was a tough first week, but only after a week I could not believe I waited this long to have the surgery. I sleep all night, I can breathe from both nostrils now and bonus he got rid on the bump on top of my nose. I highly recommend this doctor, really nice and takes time to talk to you to make sure you are satisfied.

Anonymous at Ucomparehealthcare.com

Excellent Doctor with Impressive Credentials

Excellent doctor with impressive credentials. I would highly recommend this doctor, who is board certified in both ENT and Plastic surgery. And he is very personable. Other doctors I consulted lectured me and did not listen to me. Dr Schvidler did, and was very mindful of my concerns. He is the best in this area.

ccowchip at realself.com
– Laser Resurfacing, Ablative Laser and Fat Transfer on Face.

HisWork is Exceptional

Is excellent in his specialty. Would highly recommend him for any work done. He did some eye work for me and his work is exceptional.

Linda at healthgrades.com
– Eyes

Unique inHisField

Dr. Joseph Shvidler is unique in his field, as he combines the wonderful qualities of technical skill, insight and compassion. He is forthright, yet personable. He conducted two procedures on me at Madigan Army Medical Center and both resulted in better inner and external health. I can’t say enough about this first-class professional. I would recommend him without question and I wish others will emulate him.

bmacken at realself.com
– Acne Scars Treatment

Amazing Surgeon – TrueArtist!

Dr. Shvidler was AMAZING. He really listened to what I had to say and really tried his best to make my nose as perfect as possible. The before and after pictures prove that he is not only an amazing surgeon, but a true artist! He asked me many questions so he really had an understanding of what I wanted. He was patient and answered every question I had. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand and was very honest about everything. His honesty about the procedure, the recovery, potential risk of infection, etc really allowed me to trust him. I went in to the surgery with no apprehension because I knew I was in amazing hands!

Aulbree P. at realself.com

Superb Physician -Super Results

Dr Shvidler performed my rhinoplasty and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I feel like he’s under rated in the rhinoplasty world (online) only because I couldn’t find many reviews/photos but he is truly skilled. I couldn’t have wished for better results. From a cosmetic point of view, I feel like a new woman with a brand new sense of confidence. From a medical point of view, my breathing is even better. Which surprised me because I didn’t realize it could get better lol. Overall Dr Shvidler is a great surgeon and a sincere person.

Anonymous at vitals.com